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Welcome to our Restaurants!

Photo from the inside

Welcome to our traditional family taverne "Ta Kokkinogia" and "Souvlakia o Sakis" at Agios Prodromos, Chalkidiki.

Just 50 km away from the town of Thessaloniki, on the way to the second peninsula of Chalkidiki –Sithonia- and to the “Gardens of Virgin Mary” (Perivoli tis Panagias) – Agion Oros -  we are waiting for you to taste the famous Souvlaki of Agios Prodromos”.

In a cozy and friendly environment away from the cement and the exhausts of the city, our 2 family taverns are ready to satisfy the most demanding gastronomic desires and provides you with the opportunity to rest during your trip to and from different tourist destinations of Chalkidiki. Pork Souvlaki, country sausage, soutzoukaki, fresh traditional bread grilled with oil and oregano, boiled wild greens, handmade tzatziki, grilled feta cheese, preserves and many other dishes are a surprise for our new visitors and the reason why most of our clients still visit us.

In our website you can find useful information and you will find out why Mr Sakis' restaurants are a byword for the awarded Souvlaki of Agios Prodromos...

  • Why Souvlaki of Agios Prodromos stands out from that of rest Greece?

If we told you that only the way of grilling is what makes the difference, we would lie to you. If on the other hand we said that this is because we use only local meat or because we put special seasoning, we would say half-truth. In Agios Prodromos, Souvlaki is the art which is being transferred from generation to generation and is equal to the history of the village and it’s way of life.